Daily Prophetic Word

The Father Says Today: October 17th, 2014

The Father says don’t be overwhelmed by life – be overwhelmed by My Spirit! Practice looking at My face today and ignore – simply ignore what the enemy is saying and doing. When you walk with Me you will provoke warfare but I am with you. I am the God of battles and in My presence you possess all the resources and authority to fight the good fight and not lose. You are not a loser says the Father. You are fighting from a place of assured victory even the victory of the cross. So make allowances for winning and stop talking yourself into losing. You are not a loser because you are in Me and loss is destroyed in My presence. So don’t be distracted by the threat of loss – be preoccupied with loving intimacy with Me. No matter what is occurring expect to walk in My joy even though the challenge is great. Draw upon My joy as a well of refreshing and don’t resist the circumstances – resist the devil! Have that never-let-go determination and at the end of the day the check will be in the bank, the healing will be made manifest and the … (click link or title to continue)

The Father Says Today: October 16th, 2014

The Father says today I need you to straighten someone out for Me. Not your brother or you sister – I need you to straighten out the enemy of your soul. On your way out to the tasks of the day take a moment and remind the enemy of his total defeat. He thinks if he isn’t reminded it won’t happen so help him out and remind him of the keys that I have made available to you. In fact just shake the keys in his face because he can’t have them and he can’t take them from you. Be sure of your God today says the Father. Be sure of your God because living for Me is not a suicide mission. I have committed you to a winnable war and equipped you with every necessary resource. The angel supply lines are unbroken and your final preparation is coming to a close. Shoulder your faith and un-holster My word and watch the terror in the eyes of the enemy of your souls. Go out and terrorize terror by the blithe joy of one who is hidden in the secret place of the Most High. Rejoice, rest, recover, recuperate and be … (click link or title to continue)

The Father Says Today: October 15th, 2014

The Father says today do you know that you already have what you haven’t asked for yet? I already know what it is I just delight in hearing you ask for it. Go ahead and ask. Ask for those things that religious mentalities would deny you. Ask for those things that small minds and hard hearts have given up on. Do you hear the still, small voice? It always repeats one word: YES! I say yes to the desire of your heart. I planted that desire, the DNA of that longing within you – why WOULDN’T I say yes? Move toward your YES in Me says the Father. Lean in to My yes and embrace My yes today. Yes is the only answer I have for you. You haven’t heard it because of the other voices that need to be silenced. My sheep hear My voice so just live out of your sheep nature and expand into a place of proclamation where My will is declared, decree and thus becomes substance in your life even this day.

The Father Says Today: October 14th, 2014

The Father says today do you want to win or merely survive? If you have set your goal to just crossing the finish line you have capitulated to the enemy. There is no joy in mere survival. I want your joy to be full. I will lay the garland of honor upon you and bestow upon you the reward in this season that is not intended for anyone but you! Let your resolution be strong and your tenacity be sure even though others in your situation may be giving up. Don’t pretend that the enemy isn’t there. He loves to shy you away from confrontation. That is how he keeps you from the victory I have paid for in your life. Shake yourself and reject timidity. Walk right up to the enemy and slap him silly with word of My promise. It doesn’t matter who is backing him up because I am on your side. You and I together are a majority says the Father – the enemy doesn’t stand a chance!