An In-depth Personal Prophetic Experience:

“A one on one connection to a veteran prophet is a rare opportunity…” 

You may schedule prophetic counseling using the calendar below. This is one of those rare times that you have an opportunity to connect to a veteran prophet with a powerful anointing. Getting one on one time with a seasoned prophetic ministry is an invaluable opportunity. Many visitors request personal conversation time with Prophets Russ and Kitty. They are in fact available on a limited basis for one on one prophetic counseling.

What is Prophetic Counseling?

Prophetic Counseling is much like personal prophecy only more in depth, intense and interactive. You get to ask questions and share your heart in a live phone session and receive back the prophetic insight and utterance of God your life and situation from Prophets Russ and Kitty. These sessions last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on your needs.

Russ and Kitty have served in many leadership roles over the past 30 years. In addition to pastoral gifting and prophetic ministry they also have seen success in the business world. If you are looking for breakthrough and promotion in your calling and destiny prophetic counseling may be just what you need to open that door.

Prophetic counseling is an in depth prophetic encounter guided by an experienced and mature minister in prophetic office. It involves a considerable amount of time and therefore we ask that you in appreciation for this make a $200.00 donation to the ministry. If you are limited in budget you may request pastoral call HERE or request personal prophecy HERE.

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Legal Stuff: Prophetic counsel is spiritual ministry in particular  and does not take the place of legal counsel, medical care or consultation with a healthcare professional or other qualified counselors. We reserve the right to respond to each request at our discretion. Prophetic words, prayers or counseling are entirely of a religious and no substitute for professional, medical or legal advice. Any response from us is gifted to you as an intangible religious benefit in appreciation for your donation.  We do not sell or exchange these services for remuneration.


  • Hi my name is Darrian just want to,thank god for all the blessing he sent in my life knowung its many more to come

  • This is truly a blessing. The accuracy and the encouragement has helped me 100%. I really look forward to this every morning. The bereavement ministry, was launched at a global level because of the consistent edification and comfort I received from this daily prophetic word.

    • I thank God to bless this world with his Son Jesus.I thank Jesus for using his prophets to be the light in this world.Prophet Russ I desire from my heart to meet you in person, please pray for me.Pastor Bernard +258826844051

  • Remedios says:

    Dearest Prophets Russ & Kitty, I would like to make a great testimony in my life today, “The Lord truly answered my prayers more than I asked from HIM” How mighty is HIS works, I asked you both to pray to me to God for my application for Corporate Staff Officer A, and today, I just received a good news that I will considered for the position. I am continuing to ask you both to continue to pray for me the position and, to have my appointment as early as possible. Thank you for always being there for me giving me the enlightenment and courage to face my trials in life. I am in tears of joy.! More power!

  • nadinewood says:

    Dear prophets Russ / kitty I love your prophets word is give me grate hope I see things turning around for me . my health is failing me please pray for healing in my body and cover me from the enemy who try to stop me in every thing I do please for my family guidance cover my daughter marvinae in the mighty name of Jesus

  • Amos Mhako says:

    I just want to thank the almighty for giving me life

    • James jones says:

      Prophets Russ/kitty I haven’t witnessed such accurate prophesy from true prophets in a long time the both of you are on top of the list the the true prophets everyone in the past wanted money before they gave you a word and they would give me questions about asking who and what and where and then send a word that I sent to them I already knew what they told me , I must say I went through a period and time of distrust in these so called prophets nothing ever came to past . But since I’ve established a relationship with the two of you things are begining to come to past . I trust your relationship with the father . The prophecy. That has come forth is awesome and right on point, I pray that God would continue to bless you and pour out his favor upon your lives and the lives of your family members in Jesus name . I love you both because of Christ..Thank you… Bro. Jones

  • Tebogo - Botswana says:

    I want to thank God for the wonderful happenings in my life ever since subscribing for daily prophetic word.
    The daily word for the months July to August were on the dot. In July my salary was increased by 20% exceeding upper limits of scale, August a massive bonus and extension of a contract with very attractive terms.
    Russ and Kitty thank you for the “on target prophecy”

  • Hi! I am so glad to have peaceloving people in my life! MAY LORD GOD, IN CHRIST JESUS NAME, THE ANGELS, HOLY BEINGS, THE ANIMALS, MAMMALS PLUS BOYS, GIRLS, MEN, WOMEN, LADIES THE GENTLE WOMEN AND GENTLEMEN, ALL PEOPLES BE ALWAYS, INFINITE IN BEING ETERNALLY PURE PEACELOVING, PEACEKEEPING, PEACELIVING BEINGS ABOUT ME, FOR ME, AT ME, TO ME, AROUND ME, UPON ME, AND WITHIN ME, THE ME AND NEW ME, MYSELF AND I. I do not need astrology, horoscopes, numerology, psychic readings, tarot readings etc of sorceries and witchcraft, because I have to keep being a Christian. I just must keep having nonchristian peoples, Hebrew people, Jewish people, other people and Christian people, plus Real and True Christian people being, acting and living as Pure Perfect Serene Righteous peoples, showing and proving that them the young people, old people, old carnal people, new carnal people, fleshy and soulful people, spiritual people, Minds, Spirits, Souls and Bodies, Everybody, them and us going to be who are old creations and new creations, are being Kindfully Peaceable Righteous, Terrific Gentle Good Peoples to each other nonstopped plus nonstop! Animals and mammals, Heavenly Father, Son Lord Jesus and Holy Ghost the Holy Spirit, Living Creatures, Huemans and Humans, all Humans and Huemans, people in Heaven, people in Hell and people on earth, plus people in the New Heaven, on Renewed plus New Earth, the Heavens, New Heavens, Universes, the Universe, minds, spirits, souls plus bodies, the New Minds, Spirits, Souls and Bodies are not to attack me and New me, mind, spirit, soul and body, New Mind, New Soul, New Body and New Spirit. I hate all types of harm and hurt. I hate all adversities, afflictions, inflictions, battles, conflicts, confrontations, quarrels, etc, the squabbles, spats, skirmishes, rumors, of wars, lies of wars, irritabilities, grouchiness, grumpiness, sins, transgressions, crimes, evils, etc, the ungodly anger and wrath, Godly anger and wrath, abuses and punishments, all kinds of violence. I just need to be Born Again or see that I am already Born again into Being a Brand New unincorruptible, incorruptible Spiritual Lady who is not going to ever be hurt, nor harmed unintentionally and intentionally by corruptible animals and people, diabolically beings, devils and she devils, incorruptible and uncorruptible animals, the Angels, others plus incorruptible and unincorruptible people! MAY ALL ANIMALS BECOME REALLY AND TRUTHFULLY PEACEFUL! MAY ALL PEOPLE BECOME REALLY AND TRUTHFULLY PEACEFUL WHO ARE NOT ANIMALS, ETC. THANK YOU FOR READING THIS, ETC AND CORDIALLY, AFENI MAKEBE NELSON!

  • Janice says:

    I am deeply blessed by this awesome word. The Church needs to hear Gods voice. Too much carnality has made the Church a mouth speaker for believers.

  • tonya says:

    I am so thankful for this site. Russ has interpreted several dreams and they have been very accurate. It was as if I sat down and spoke with him face to face. Russ and Kitty are AUTHENTIC men and women of God. They do speak the Father’s Heart. I believe with all my heart everything they print and say, is straight from the mind of God. I appreciate and love you both. Thank you for taking time to interpret my dreams and I know you will continue to allow God to use you, to enlighten others. I love in God’s name and wish the best for you both.

  • innocent says:

    Let will of God be done in my life

  • Gerald Obinna Ugwoke says:

    Thank You so much for the blessing and mercy u are drawing down for the children of men.

  • Femy says:

    God bless you Sir!!!!!!!!!!! i RECEIVED A MIRROR OF MY LIFE IN PROPHESY….Thank you sir,GOD BLESS!!!!!!

  • Andries Ntwaitsile Bogatsu says:

    Greetings in the Mighty Name of Jesus
    I would like to thank God for anointing both of you Prophets. Thank you for daily prophetic word, its inspiring. I am indeed blessed by your prophetic word. Awesome stuff!! Andries, South Africa.

  • Helen Mitchell says:

    I receive every word. The prophetic word released today applies to the season I am in right now.. GOD BLESS BOTH OF YOU IN JESUS NAME!!!!!.

  • Helen Mitchell says:

    I recieve every word. GOD BLESS and Keeo you both.

  • Darnell falls says:

    Dear sir and mam please left my wife and I up in prayer for jobs protection and healing

  • Anne says:

    Please pray for my family.we are expecting a great breakthrough in our lives.God bless

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