Activate the Prophetic Gift in Your Life!

UPDATE! Now you can enjoy a GUEST ACCESS to the Prophetic Internship – CLICK HERE!

In the prophetic training Prophets Russ and Kitty offer there is something for every believer.  These courses are ONLINE courses you can do in the comfort of your home on your own schedule. Whether you simply want to learn and exercise the gift or prophecy, or to mature in prophetic gifting or perhaps you feel you are called to prophetic office? Then this course work is for you. Over the last two years Prophets Russ and Kitty have activated and trained over 600 students in the prophetic and the gift of prophecy.

We offer three levels of prophetic internship:

Prophetic Activation (Course One)
Advanced Prophetic Gifting (Course Two)
Prophetic Office (Course Three)

We have been tasked by the Father to activate believers in hearing the voice of God and sharing what they hear through the gift of prophecy. We are further committed to maturing those with prophetic gifting and beyond that, identify the men and women with Prophetic Office on their lives who come through the Internship courses.

When you join the prophetic internship activation course you will be prophesied over by the entire class. For 12 weeks you will receive powerful mentoring that will activate the voice of God in your own life. You will be able to move at your own pace as you learn “hands on” in a safe encouraging environment. After completing the Activation course we will give you and opportunity to move on to the advanced courses in Prophetic Gifting and Prophetic Office.

Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden have trained hundreds of men and women in the prophetic. Launching you in the gifts of God is central to our vision and purpose. When you join the internship your name will be submitted to the entire group for prophetic ministry over your life. You will receive many prophetic words and have the opportunity to give your feedback over each one.

The prophetic activation internship includes weekly videos, e-mailed lessons and specific activation assignments that will launch you in the gifting of God. To participate simply fill out the form below. A donation of $150.00 is requested for the time and commitment involved in this intensive 12 week course, the videos, lessons and mentoring. In return for your donation you will receive a welcome e-mail and your lessons, video, and mentoring through our prophetic internship forum will begin the following week.

God bless you! It is our privilege to train you to hear the Fathers voice!



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  • JaNeice Gilbert says:

    I just want to share with anyone that is considering joining the Father’s Heart Ministry Prophetic Internship Course…this course has changed my life. Most of my life, I knew that Papa God was speaking to me, but there were times when I doubted. I was led to Russ and Kitty Walden a little over a year ago, and by taking this course, the prophetic has been opened up in me. I wasn’t sure if this was something that I was supposed to do be doing, due to religious thinking, but Holy Spirit led me here and now know it was the right thing to do. The environment is very relaxing, no pressure, safe (closed forum), and it’s a lot of fun. When you discover that you really do hear God, through the feedback and confirmation of the recipient of the prophetic word you give, it makes you want to press in more and more, God has put on the inside of me and I thank Him for Russ & Kitty, showing me how to activate this precious gifting! To God be the Glory!

  • Pamela Hutchieson says:

    Yeshua is amazing and so is this course! The 12 Week Internship has been quite glorious! This work of the Holy Spirit has only confirmed, activated, proven and strengthened the work that God has called and baptized me into. Deep calls unto deep in this course. This is about the relationship that we have with Yeshua and the revelation of Christ residing in Us to change the world. This course is all about the reality of Jesus Christ and His presence in us. The Kingdom of God is at hand in this course. Everything that I have heard and seen in this class has been in line with what Father God has been teaching me in my life. The revelations about the church and its direction are exactly what the Holy Spirit has been teaching me and resonating in me. Thank you for your obedience and boldness to follow Christ no matter what. It is invigorating and encouraging. This ministry is a ministry that is not in word only but in demonstration and power of the Holy Spirit. This is a transforming and transfiguring process. That is how the Lord raised me to think and this is a continuation of His Work in me. Again, thank you for your love of the saints and following the leading of the Holy Spirit in Christ. This course was not taken lightly. Supernatural blessings of Christ in you and you in Christ over take you Russ and Kitty. You and Kitty are true Apostles! I love you! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

  • Tracey M says:

    I just signed up and am excited to begin.. I know this is led by the Lord and the Holy Spirit is at work here! Amen!

  • Barbara Ann says:

    Me too, so excited

  • Lisa says:

    Prophecy has been ‘water in the desert’ for me. Being so very grateful for the lifeline that others extended; I have longed to do the same. With a word about training and an email from FHM I enrolled in this Internship. I was unsure of my ability to hear (for others), but by the end of the first week, the Lord was encouraging and reassuring me. The lessons with practical ‘how to’ removed the ‘mystical’ from the prophetic. The lessons include priceless pearls of wisdom and discernment from FHM. I am not even a month into training and the Lord is giving me words for others around me. One prophecy was for a person in a terrible explosion. The comfort and assurance from the Lord’s words increased my faith and strengthened another’s. (The prognosis for this one has already miraculously changed.) In getting the Lord’s perspective for another, my prayer life is changing; as I am focusing on what He is focused on. In summary, this Internship is like the ‘key’ to a beautiful vehicle I have been given. Now instead of just sitting in it, I can drive! To anyone considering; have no doubt, and step out in faith!

  • Mary Cossins says:

    Just signed up too and am excited too. Ready to start and learn and be reactivated in not only the prophetic but also in the ministry Father God has called me to.

  • June Stanford says:

    I have gone through the prophetic course and the Advance course, what a blessing those two courses have been to my life….It has taught me how to hear what the Father is saying to me….It has made my spirit come alive to the voice of God within me…now my walk in God is totally different, and I now live in constant awareness that Father speaks, and He does want his voice to be heard…I want to encourage anyone who would like to be trained in hearing the voice of Father to take these two courses, I promise you, your life will never, ever be the same….your walk in God will be totally transformed for ever.

  • I believe that is a true word from god,or rather a word of conformation.thank you

  • I recieved a word today that was very uplifting even though i was refered to as sir but i am a female I believed The father is granting my request and I have the victory

    • Valerie Meszaros says:

      We all are sons of God because there is no gender in the spirit, says the Lord (Matthew 22:30; Romans 8:14). I believe you were referred to as a ‘seer’, which is speaking of having the prophetic gift. In days of old prophets (with the office of the prophet) were called seers (see 1 Samuel 9:9-19, or search OT for seer) I love you all deeply, God bless you and your ministry. Let His Kingdom come, let His Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven, in and through us all as One! Amen

  • crosbyp12003 says:

    I have joined both internships and they have been invaluable to my spiritual growth

  • very excited to do course 1 was going back and forth on joining desiring to hear the Fathers voice to encourage others .After i submited to the course a personal prophecy from FHM was in my inbox Bless the LORD

  • aisha says:

    I’m ready to experience this amen

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