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Morning Light – August 14th, 2014: Living with an Unveiled Face (Video)

Today:[Exodus Chapter Thirty-Four (Concluded] Living with an Unveiled Face. In the conclusion of this chapter God lays out commands including every person appearing three times a year before the Lord. These three feasts represent the three personal experiences available to us in God: Salvation, Baptism in the Spirit and the Baptism of Fire. We see also Moses manipulating the people regarding the Glory that shines supernaturally on his face. He would hide his face so they wouldn’t see the glory fade. Leaders and Christians do the same when they hold people at arms length and conduct themselves like religious celebrities. Paul said this brings a veil of “unbelief” over the people that robs them of God’s glory in their lives. When we walk in transparency and with a proper esteem and regard for our very human spiritual leaders a new faith is born and fresh fire comes into our relationship with God and one another.

The Father Says Today: November 13th, 2012

The Father says today I am breaking perfectionism in you. The light of My glory will manifest when you relinquish all false resolve to be perfect in every way. When you make the mistake of trying to be perfect you are thinking through the mentality that Satan captured Eve with. I didn’t call you to succeed says the Father I called you to be obedient. Success and victory is My responsibility not your mandate. Don’t hinder My glory in you says the Father. Don’t TOUCH My anointing on the inside of you. Touch NOT My anointing and do My prophets no harm! Who is the prophet INSIDE YOU? The prophet inside you is the ORACLE of My voice installed within your own heart and Spirit. Do not allow the natural mind, your rationale to blunt the blade edge of My glory in your life. Don’t do that says the Father. Respect who I AM and what I am on the inside of you. We invite you to support the Daily Prophetic Word with your giving: You can Make a One Time Donation: Or You Can Partner with the Daily Prophetic Word $10.00 Partnership : $10.00 USD – monthly$15.00 Partnership : … (click link or title to continue)

The Father Says Today: November 12th, 2012

The Father says I am sending a wind into your life today. My wind is not separate from Myself it is WHO I AM. I AM in fact moving as a current of redemption and deliverance in your life. My Wind is there on the inside of you to blow back the curtains on the windows of My revelatory gifts. These gifts are inside you says the Father they are not separate from you. Outside those curtains on the windows of My revelation inside you I have positioned mirrors to show you what you look like in My eyes. It isn’t about looking out says the Father it is about looking IN. My glory is an INWARD thing not an OUTWARD or OTHERLY thing. You have asked for the fire says the Father but I always send My wind first. My wind blows away the chaff so when the fire falls you won’t get burned. My wind says the Father will blow and bring you into agreement with Me. Furl the sails of your spirit by acquiescing to that which I want and what I mandate and desire in your life today.

The Father Says Today: November 11th, 2012

The Father says you are on a journey. You are on a journey to discover My glory. I am bringing you from where you are to where I AM. My glory is a discovery says the Father and I will cause you to discover the INWARD as well as the OUTWARD glory that I am making available in the earth. My blood flows freely and it produces freedom for you as you find the mercy seat I have prepared. I have reserved a place for you there at My mercy seat says the Father.  I am increasing your personal absorption of the Glory of My Presence. I am enhancing your capacity to experience and retain My glory. I am moving and changing you to be increasingly more permeable of My Spirit. Are you ready? I take all the responsibility to make it happen says the Father but for one thing that is entirely up to you – you must respond in the affirmative and say YES LORD to everything I am purposing to bring about in you today. We invite you to support the Daily Prophetic Word with your giving: You can Make a One Time Donation: Or You Can … (click link or title to continue)