DSC04786The Father says today hide yourself in Me this day. Hide yourself in Me, clothe yourself in Me. Know that every hour I am individuating Myself in you and rising up within you to the Full Measure of My Person in the Earth. Even as I said in My word as I AM so are YOU in this world. I have conveyed to you the expression of My personhood in the earth. When the enemy comes to assault and attack make it your determination to find your concealment in who I AM in your life.

Yes says the Father it is your entitlement in the midst of the storm to PUT ON CHRIST and in so doing you have donned the armor of My Spirit that will protect and shield you from the violence of sword and the depredations of the enemy against your life. So respond in My strength and respond in My person says the Father. You are not bereft of My grace or My favor. Do not believe the lie of the enemy that you have placed yourself beyond the parameters of My unconditional love. Forgive yourself and receive My forgiveness. Allow the release of My love to cleanse and change you. Receive the blessing of transformed character that makes you over in full today into My precise image.

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Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden

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  • THE PEARL says:


  • Bridgette says:

    Lord please help me in forgiving my self for all I have done not pleasing in your sight
    and to receive your forgiveness.

    I believe that there is no condemnation for your children, which includes me and all that
    have accepted you and are in Christ Jesus.

    I love you Lord & your anointed Prophets!

  • Geoff says:

    Sept 3 my birthday, what a beautiful gift to receive a word like this, Thankyou.

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