DSC04257The Father says today that without Me you can do nothing. Without Me you can do nothing but YOU are NOT without Me! I have placed My genius on the inside of you that My wisdom would put you over and see you through every difficulty. I am the ACTIVE PRINCIPLE within you that makes ALL THINGS POSSIBLE! Can you hear says the Father? Can you hear the truth that I am both IN YOU and ABLE to work through your human frailty to do more than you could ever think?

I am not an OUTWARD something says the Father for you are not separate from Me. I am an INWARD sentience making Myself known to you as GOD and FATHER and HEALER and DELIVERER. The enemy in the fall attempted to darken your ability to know Me as I AM. The death of the cross has restored irrevocably your ability to accept My indwelling and find within yourself the full potency of My Spirit and Strength and Character.

So THIS DAY says the Father place your dependence on WHO I AM on the inside of you. The heart of My gospel is the Christ anointing dwelling in you and manifesting as the template for My character and My very person on the inside of you. From that perspective I am guarding and guiding and provisioning in every area of your life from the least unto the greatest of your needs.

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